Quality blinds made from aluminium, basswood,
plaswood, fabric & bamboo.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colour.
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Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds continue to be popular with architects and corporate institutions remaining substantially cheaper as a modern and stylish window treatment.
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Roller Blinds

Percolate your light with simple roller blinds - a modern and uncluttered window treatment. Without the need for curtains, they too are economical.
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Panel Blinds

This material brings to our blinds a tough, lightweight and felxible quality. A wide array of bamboo and fabrics styles and colours are available to suit every window.
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All blinds are custom made!

Sun Stop Blinds is a Zimbabwean company that was created for the purpose of doing business in Zimbabwe. It was incorporated on the 29th of August 2001.

Sun Stop has grown from a small business into one of the most sought independent specialty window covering retailers in Harare. We understand and recognize today’s fast paced lifestyles and we strive by keeping up with changes while never leaving traditional, contemporary or classical designs behind. We provide the highest quality and name brand products for the lowest prices as well as offering the ease, convenience, assurance and expertise of a personal interior decorator.


Due to the high quality and durability of our products, our guarantee period is 12 (twelve) months, covering operational specifications only and not cases of vandalism, improper usage, fire and other related activities.
Please note that due to fuel costs a transport charge will be levied to come and repair jobs under guarantee.

Quote Qualification :

Our qoutes are subject to availability of stock and is based on current ruling prices. We reserve the right to requote at the time of supply in the light of any circumstances affecting the quote issued.

Please contact us for more information.

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