Panel Blinds
Our innovative panel blinds make the ideal solution for sliding doors and larger windows. The stylish selection of panel blinds with individual panel widths ranging in size from 450mm to 1200mm; these easy-to-use blinds are available in both - side and centre opening designs to accommodate folding doors as well as sliding doors.

Our elegant panel blinds make a sleek and simple way of transforming your living space or workspace – they can be used to shade patio doors and large windows, or to create room dividers that are both effective and attractive. At Aluvert, we don’t use any steel in our rails, meaning our blinds remain rust-free. Panel blinds from Aluvert are available in most bamboo and roller fabrics, and you’ll find they make a perfectly stylish way of adding light control or privacy to a room.

The perfect solution for sliding doors and large windows

• Simplicity of use
• Sleek and elegant
• Panel sizes range from 450mm to 1200mm
• Both side and center opening available Available in most bamboo and roller fabrics.

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